Indigenous Public Bank Organizer Runs for State Senate

By Laura Wenus

As part of a “Civic” series of interviews with candidates for the state Senate seat currently held by Scott Wiener, Jackie Fielder describes her platform and shares insight into her background. Fielder is an indigenous organizer who co-founded the San Francisco Public Bank coalition. She calls for increased taxation of corporations and billionaires to build and preserve affordable housing, universal rent control and single-payer healthcare.

The primary for this race happens March 3, with the final election in November. Rather than have parties vote to advance their own top candidates, voting for state-level seats in California takes place across party lines, and the top two vote-getters at the primary move on to the general election...

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State Sen. candidate Jackie Fielder introduces housing plan, says SB 50 is on its ‘last legs’

By Julian Mark

State senate candidate Jackie Fielder on Wednesday announced a housing plan that drew a sharp contrast to the policies of the incumbent she’s running to unseat. It focuses on the production and preservation of affordable housing, instead of the streamlined construction of dense, market-rate developments. 

Sen. Scott Wiener “has stood by the conservative economic framework that we can simply build our way out of the housing crisis,” Fielder said, standing among some two dozen supporters at the 16th Street BART plaza at noon.

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Teacher’s Union endorses Wiener opponent for state Senate

By Jeantelle Laberinto

The March State Senate primary in San Francisco is heating up.

Jackie Fielder, the Indigenous-Mexicana queer activist who has been involved in the campaign for a public bank in San Francisco, just scored the endorsement of the United Educators of San Francisco, just weeks before vote by mail ballots drop in San Francisco for the primary on March 3rd.

UESF, with it's 6,000 members, is a significant force in local politics and the largest union to support the upstart challenger.

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Jackie Fielder: Meet the Young Indigenous Activist Running for California's State Senate

By Molly Taft

Jackie Fielder, a member of the Three Affiliated Tribes, is only 25, but she’s been pretty busy for the past few years. Fielder is an activist who has campaigned against the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline; helped organize public banking efforts in San Francisco; and worked to defeat a city initiative that would loosen taser use for police in the Bay Area. She's also authored several pieces for Teen Vogue about her activist work.

Now, she’s adding another point to her résumé: running to represent San Francisco in the California state Senate.

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“We Deserve to Not Only Survive, but to Thrive” An Interview with Jackie Fielder

David Palumbo-Liu

For Jackie Fielder, who just announced her bid for a seat in the California State Senate, cutting to the root of the problems facing her state and country requires following the money: “Just look up specific companies and see the campaigns they’re financing. Then see which bills those elected officials either push through or water down through the legislative sessions in any given year.”

Fielder is a young, twenty-five-year-old queer woman of color who is part of a wave of progressive and radical political activists who are running insurgent campaigns.

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Meet Jackie Fielder, the recently homeless indigenous woman who's primarying a San Francisco Democrat in a state senate race

By Cory Doctorow

Until recently, Jackie Fielder was living in her van. At 25, the Stanford sociology grad couldn't afford rent in San Francisco.

Now Fielder—who is of Hidatsa, Lakota and Mandan heritage—is primarying an establishment Democrat to represent District 11 in the California Senate...

Fielder backs transformative, left-wing policies, especially the creation of a public bank (previously) and with it, divestiture of public finance from institutions complicit in crimes against humanity, notably Wells Fargo, a major funder of the Dakota Access Pipeline...

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Indigenous organizer to challenge former SF Sup for State Senate seat

By Ian Firstenberg

Political campaigns—whether local, statewide, or nationwide—are categorized by a calculated, wonkish style of promotion. One that often leaves out or overlooks the desires of working people as being too uninformed to be trusted. Jackie Fielder's state senate challenge to Scott Wiener is flipping this notion on its head.

Fielder is a Mexican-Indigenous organizer who works as a server when she is not lecturing at San Francisco State. She worked with the NODAPL protests in 2015 before championing public banking here in the city. Her work as co-founder of the Public Bank Coalition led to a bill proposed by District 1 Supervisor Sandra Lee Fewer...

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Quest for divestment drives Native candidate Jackie Fielder’s California Senate run

By Frank Hopper

Did you know there are currently 157 billionaires in California with dozens in San Francisco alone? Yet thousands of people in that city sleep in doorways or in tents under the freeway or in cars.

California State Senate candidate Jackie Fielder, who is of Hidatsa, Lakota and Mandan heritage, knows the score. Until just recently the 25-year-old Stanford graduate was living in a van due to the rising costs of rent in San Francisco.

“Here in San Francisco we have one of the worst Gini coefficients in the world, and it’s not just income inequality. We have thousands of people sleeping on the street every single night"...

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In state senate hopeful Jackie Fielder, San Francisco progressives see their Ocasio-Cortez

Julian Mark

Standing beneath a tarp as rain poured down on the back patio of El Rio Friday night, state senate candidate Jackie Fielder introduced herself. 

She’s 25 and of Mexican and indigenous (Lakota and Hidatsa) descent. She’s a lecturer at San Francisco State University’s ethnic studies department. To supplement her income, she’s served at restaurants and tended bar. When she’s not crashing on her friends’ couches, she’s sleeping in her 1994 Toyota Previa minivan. She’s also openly queer and a member of the Democratic Socialists of America.

And, as of two weeks ago, she’s the progressive challenger for state Sen. Scott Wiener.

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Meet Scott Wiener’s Democratic Socialist Re-Election Challenger

By Ida Mojadad

Building on the momentum of recent electoral wins for progressives, State Sen. Scott Wiener faces a challenger running to his left.

Jackie Fielder, a democratic socialist activist, pulled papers on Monday to run against Wiener for his California Senate District 11 re-election bid, SF Weekly has learned. Wiener, a former supervisor, narrowly won his first term to represent San Francisco, Daly City and Colma in 2016 after beating progressive board colleague Jane Kim, though not in the primary. But Fielder feels motivated by the November victories that brings reformer Chesa Boudin as District Attorney and democratic socialist Dean Preston as District 5 Supervisor.

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Public bank activist to take on Wiener in 2020 state Senate race

By Laura Waxmann

An indigenous organizer who has been at the forefront of the public bank movement is hoping to give incumbent state Sen. Scott Wiener a run for his money in his 2020 bid for re-election.

Jackie Fielder, a San Francisco State University lecturer and waitress who lives in a van, on Monday pulled papers to run against the incumbent senator in the March 2020 election. The March election is a state senate primary and the top two vote getters advance to the November general election. “I’m running because it think it’s time that we have an outside candidate, especially a woman of color who is openly queer as well, challenge a real estate-backed elected official”...

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