• California Teachers Association

  • Our Revolution

  • Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club

  • United Educators of San Francisco

  • AFT 2121

  • California Federation of Teachers

  • California Faculty Association

  • San Francisco Tenants Union

  • Democratic Socialists of America

  • Working Families Party

  • Democratic Socialists of America - San Francisco

  • Sunrise Bay Area

  • California Environmental Justice Alliance Action

  • Friends of the Earth Action

  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), Northern California District Council (Dual)

  • Local 2 UNITE HERE!

  • LiUNA!

  • Laborers' Local 261

  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 1245

  • District Council of Iron Workers of the State of California

  • UAW Western States

  • UAW Local 2865 - UC Student Workers Union

  • Community Tenants Association

  • Bay Rising Action

  • San Francisco Rising Action Fund

  • Chinese Progressive Association Action Fund

  • Latino Democratic Club

  • Latinx Young Democratic Club

  • Rose Pak Democratic Club

  • San Francisco Young Democrats

  • Progressive Democrats of America - California

  • California Progressive Alliance

  • San Francisco Affordable Housing Alliance

  • Richmond District Democratic Club

  • District 3 Democratic Club

  • South Beach District 6 Democratic Club

  • Bernal Heights Democratic Club

  • District 11 Democratic Club

  • The League of Pissed Off Voters

  • Center For Biological Diversity Action Fund

  • Moms Demand Action Gun Sense Candidate

  • People's Action

  • Run For Something

  • Blue America

  • National Solidarity Movement

  • Beds For Bayview

  • San Francisco Bay View

  • San Francisco Bay Guardian

Elected Officials

  • David Campos

    Chair, San Francisco Democratic Party
  • Gordon Mar

    District 4 Supervisor
  • Dean Preston

    District 5 Supervisor
  • Matt Haney

    District 6 Supervisor
  • Hillary Ronen

    District 9 Supervisor
  • Art Agnos

    Former San Francisco Mayor
  • Tom Ammiano

    Former Assemblymember, Assembly District 17
  • Mark Sanchez

    President, San Francisco Board of Education
  • Gabriela Lopez

    Vice President, San Francisco Board of Education
  • Alison Collins

    Commissioner, San Francisco Board of Education
  • Faauuga Moliga

    Commissioner, San Francisco Board of Education
  • Shanell Williams (dual)

    President, City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees
  • Brigitte Davila

    Trustee, City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees
  • Tom Temprano (dual)

    Trustee, City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees
  • Julia Salazar

    New York State Senator
  • Jabari Brisport

    State Senator-elect, New York
  • Ron Kim

    New York State Assemblymember
  • Phara Souffrant Forrest

    State Assemblymember-elect, New York
  • Zohran Kwame Mamdani

    State Assemblymember-elect, New York
  • Lee Carter

    Member, Virginia House of Delegates
  • Ruth Buffalo

    Member, North Dakota House of Representatives
  • Kevin Killer

    Member, South Dakota House of Representatives
  • Eric Mar

    Former District 1 Supervisor
  • Matt Gonzalez

    Former President of San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Public Defender
  • Christina Olague

    Former District Five Supervisor
  • Jane Kim

    Former District 6 Supervisor
  • Sophie Maxwell

    Former District 10 Supervisor
  • Jovanka Beckles

    Former Member, Richmond City Council
  • Gloria Berry

    Democratic Party Leader
  • Gabriel Medina

    Democratic Party Leader, Delegate of California Assembly District 19

Community Leaders

  • Alicia Garza

    Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter
  • Petra DeJesus

    Commissioner, San Francisco Police Commission
  • John Hamasaki

    Commissioner, San Francisco Police Commission
  • Patrisse Cullors

    Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter
  • Danny Glover

    Actor & Activist
  • Cleve Jones

    LGBTQ Leader
  • Mark Ruffalo

    Actor and Activist
  • Rebecca Solnit

    Author & Activist
  • LaDonna Brave Bull Allard

    Founder, Sacred Stone Camp
  • Cat Brooks

    Activist, playwright, poet and Former candidate for Oakland Mayor
  • Tiffany Cabán

    Public Defender, Former Queens District Attorney Candidate
  • Chase Iron Eyes

    Indigenous Rights Leader
  • Jimmie Fails

    Co-writer, star "The Last Black Man in San Francisco"
  • Joe Talbot

    Director, co-writer "The Last Black Man in San Francisco"
  • Pam Tau Lee

    Chair of Coalition for Human Rights in Philippines, Board of Directors for Just Transition Alliance
  • Tokata Iron Eyes

    Indigenous Rights Advocate
  • Tara Houska

    Tribal Attorney and Indigenous Rights Activist
  • Honey Mahogany

    Democratic Party Leader and Transgender Cultural District Co-Founder
  • Michael Franti

    Musician and Activist
  • Kendrick Sampson

    Actor and Activist
  • Nick Estes

    Assistant Professor of American Studies, University of New Mexico
  • Matt McGorry

    Actor and Activist
  • Kate Willett

    Comedian & Activist
  • Heather Matarazzo

    Actor & Activist
  • Sirron Norris

    Artist, "Bob's Burgers"


    Elected Officials

      Community Leaders

      • Peter Gallotta

        Democratic Party Leader
      • Kaylah Williams

        Community Organizer
      • Wendolyn Aragon

        Richmond District Community Leader
      • Alida Fisher

        Special Education Advocate
      • Sarah Souza

        Democratic Party Leader, President of Latino Democratic Club
      • Stuart Schuffman

        Broke Ass Stuart
      • Laurel Muniz

        Vice President, Bernal Heights Democratic Club
      • Deepa Varma

        Executive Director, San Francisco Tenants Union
      • Shanti Singh

        Affordable Housing Advocate
      • Kurtis Wu

        Co-Founder of San Francisco Public Bank Coalition
      • Peter Cohen

        Affordable Housing Activist
      • Charlie Sciammas

        District 11 Community Leader
      • Reina Tello

        District 11 Community Leader
      • Jen Snyder

        Community and electoral organizer, co-founder of DSASF, political field strategist
      • Ryan Khojasteh

        Commissioner, Immigrant Rights Commission
      • Jon Jacobo

        Policy Director at TODCO Group / Vice President of Calle 24
      • Kelly Akemi Groth

        Member, San Francisco Democratic Party
      • Sam Lew

        Campaign Manager, Prop C (Our City Our Home)
      • Edward Wright

        Legislative Aide, Board Member - Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club
      • Jonny Kocher

        Sunrise Movement Bay Area, Labor Rise
      • Jennifer Fieber

        Tenants Rights Advocate
      • Gabriel Haaland

        Former President of Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club
      • Paul Boden

        Homeless Advocate
      • Jon Monfred

        DSA SF and IfNotNow
      • Edwin Lindo

        Frisco Five Hunger Striker
      • Brandon Harami

        Chair of the SF Berniecrats, Delegate to the California Democratic Party
      • Christin Evans

        Haight Ashbury Community Leader
      • Kevin Ortiz

        Community Organizer for Housing Justice
      • Theresa Imperial

        Bill Sorro Housing Program (BiSHoP) Executive Director
      • Sylvia Chi

        Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN), Policy Director
      • Krea Gomez

        Youth Advocate
      • Morningstar Gali

        Indigenous Rights Advocate
      • Alisha Foster

        Homelessness Activist & Former DSA SF Co-Chair
      • Evan Owski

        Our City Our Home Steering Committee
      • Jessie Fernandez

        Program Manager, Communities United for Housing Justice
      • Ron Hayduk

        SFSU Faculty
      • Sara Shortt

        Affordable Housing Advocate