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We're proud to have the support of many amazing people!

  • United Educators of San Francisco

  • California Teachers Association

  • Democratic Socialists of America

  • Democratic Socialists of America - San Francisco

  • Our Revolution

  • San Francisco Tenants Union

  • Latino Democratic Club

  • Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club

  • Rose Pak Democratic Club

  • San Francisco Young Democrats

  • International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU), Northern California District Council (Dual)

  • Progressive Democrats of America - California

  • San Francisco Affordable Housing Alliance

  • San Francisco Berniecrats

  • Richmond District Democratic Club

  • District 3 Democratic Club

  • Bernal Heights Democratic Club

  • District 11 Democratic Club

  • The League of Pissed Off Voters

  • San Francisco Bay Guardian

  • Gordon Mar

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>District 4 Supervisor
  • Dean Preston

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>District 5 Supervisor
  • Hillary Ronen

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>District 9 Supervisor
  • David Campos

    Chair, San Francisco Democratic Party

  • Art Agnos

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Former San Francisco Mayor
  • Tom Ammiano

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Former Assemblymember, Assembly District 17
  • Julia Salazar

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>New York State Senator
  • Gabriela Lopez

    Commissioner, San Francisco Board of Education

  • Alison Collins

    Commissioner, San Francisco Board of Education

  • Mark Sanchez

    Commissioner, San Francisco Board of Education

  • Shanell Williams

    City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees

  • Brigitte Davila

    City College of San Francisco Board of Trustees

  • Eric Mar

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Former District 1 Supervisor
  • Faauuga Moliga

    Commissioner, San Francisco Board of Education

  • Matt Gonzalez

    Former President of San Francisco Board of Supervisors, Public Defender

  • Christina Olague

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Former District Five Supervisor
  • Sophie Maxwell

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Former District 10 Supervisor
  • Jovanka Beckles

    Former Member, Richmond City Council

  • Gloria Berry

    Delegate of California Assembly District 17

  • Gabriel Medina

    Delegate of California Assembly District 19

  • Alicia Garza

    Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter

  • Patrisse Cullors

    Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter

  • Mark Ruffalo

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Actor
  • LaDonna Brave Bull Allard

    Founder, Sacred Stone Camp

  • Cat Brooks

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Activist, playwright, poet and Former candidate for Oakland Mayor
  • Chase Iron Eyes

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Indigenous Rights Leader
  • Pam Tau Lee

    Chair of Coalition for Human Rights in Philippines, Board of Directors for Just Transition Alliance

  • Tokata Iron Eyes

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Indigenous Rights Advocate
  • Tara Houska

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Tribal Attorney and Indigenous Rights Activist
  • Honey Mahogany

    Democratic Party Leader and Transgender Cultural District Co-Founder

  • Michael Franti

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Musician
  • Nick Estes

    Assistant Professor of American Studies, University of New Mexico

  • Jimmie Fails

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Co-writer, star "The Last Black Man in San Francisco"
  • Joe Talbot

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Director, co-writer "The Last Black Man in San Francisco"
  • Peter Gallotta

    Democratic Party Leader

  • Kaylah Williams

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Community Organizer
  • Wendolyn Aragon

    Richmond District Community Leader

  • Alida Fisher

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Special Education Advocate
  • Sarah Souza

    Democratic Party Leader, President of Latino Democratic Club

  • Stuart Schuffman

    Broke Ass Stuart

  • Laurel Muniz

    Vice President, Bernal Heights Democratic Club

  • Deepa Varma

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Executive Director, San Francisco Tenants Union
  • Kurtis Wu

    Co-Founder of San Francisco Public Bank Coalition

  • Shanti Singh

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Affordable Housing Advocate
  • Peter Cohen

    Affordable Housing Activist

  • Charlie Sciammas

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>District 11 Community Leader
  • Reina Tello

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>District 11 Community Leader
  • Jen Snyder

    Community and electoral organizer, co-founder of DSASF, political field strategist

  • Ryan Khojasteh

    Commissioner, Immigrant Rights Commission

  • Jon Jacobo

    Policy Director at TODCO Group / Vice President of Calle 24

  • Kelly Akemi Groth

    Member, San Francisco Democratic Party

  • Edward Wright

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Legislative Aide, Board Member - Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club
  • Jonny Kocher

    Sunrise Movement Bay Area, Labor Rise

  • Sam Lew

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Campaign Manager, Prop C (Our City Our Home)
  • Jennifer Fieber

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Tenants Rights Advocate
  • Gabriel Haaland

    Former President of Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club

  • Paul Boden

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Homeless Advocate
  • Jon Monfred

    DSA SF and IfNotNow

  • Edwin Lindo

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Frisco Five Hunger Striker
  • Brandon Harami

    Chair of the SF Berniecrats, Delegate to the California Democratic Party

  • Christin Evans

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Haight Ashbury Community Leader
  • Kevin Ortiz

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Community Organizer for Housing Justice
  • Theresa Imperial

    Bill Sorro Housing Program (BiSHoP) Executive Director

  • Sylvia Chi

    Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN), Policy Director

  • Krea Gomez

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Youth Advocate
  • Morningstar Gali

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Indigenous Rights Advocate
  • Alisha Foster

    Homelessness Activist & Former DSA SF Co-Chair

  • Evan Owski

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Our City Our Home Steering Committee
  • Jessie Fernandez

    Program Manager, Communities United for Housing Justice

  • Ron Hayduk

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>SFSU Faculty
  • Sara Shortt

    <h4 class="endorsement__title" aria-describedby=>Affordable Housing Advocate
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On The Issues

  • California Homes for All

    1. $100 billion California Housing Emergency Fund.

    As State Senator, I would call for taxes on the wealthiest corporations and billionaires in the state to raise $100 billion of tax revenue over ten years for a California Housing Emergency Fund. This fund will allow us to build for need, not for profit by:

    Removing at least 200,000 existing units from the speculative market and stabilizing their affordability at no-to-low income levels through acquisitions over ten years.

    Building at least 100,000 new publicly- or non-profit-owned deeply affordable green homes over ten years, including mixed income social housing. Development would be targeted in cities and regions most acutely facing the affordable housing crisis evidenced by high levels of homelessness, and prioritize building along public transit lines and walkable places. New units would be equipped to rely on electricity generated from renewable energy sources.

    Rehabilitating existing publicly owned housing, including energy efficiency and renewable electricity upgrades.

    2. Universal rent control and tenant protections.

    California needs to end its vicious cycle of evictions and speculation for profit. This entails:

    ✔ Allowing local cities to protect their residents from price gouging and displacement by repealing the Costa-Hawkins and Ellis Acts.

    ✔ Expanding San Francisco’s Right to Counsel to the state level, providing a universal right to legal counsel for anyone facing eviction.

    ✔ Establishing a rental registry and landlord licensing structure to promote a fair, competitive housing market and expand regulations on predatory bad actors.

    3. Alleviate displacement and gentrification.

    ✔ Funding for autonomous community planning to empower low-income communities to create land use plans that address the need for affordable green homes and healthy neighborhoods.

    ✔ Introducing an Anti-Displacement Act to require local planning processes to evaluate projected socioeconomic impacts resulting from housing developments in vulnerable frontline communities, including preference in new housing developments for anyone displaced under the Ellis Act and Owner Move-In’s in that same area.

    Legalizing new public housing by repealing Article 34 of the California Constitution.

    4. Greenline Zoning.

    ✔ Incentivize or require the wealthiest neighborhoods and regions in California to create more housing at all levels of affordability, to redress the historic impact of exclusionary housing policies.

    Require balanced development of housing commensurate with job growth that corresponds to wages of local workers.

    Prioritize 100% affordable housing development on publicly owned surplus lands.

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  • A Green New Deal For California

    Make the Just Transition to a zero-carbon economy by 2030 in partnership with labor unions, affordable housing groups, renewable energy businesses, regenerative farmers, and people Indigenous to California.

    Phase out fossil fuel extraction to eliminate environmental racism

    Green jobs that specifically target the most economically marginalized Black people, Indigenous people, and other people of color

    Free public transportation and subsidized electrification of vehicles

    Public takeover of PG&E to save lives put at risk by corporate negligence and greed

    Expand community gardens and land trusts for Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color to fight food deserts

    Invest in energy storage to harness the power of renewable energy resources

  • Economic and Social Justice

    Restructure the economy to ensure no-income, working class, immigrant, LGBTQI+, and communities of color can not only access housing, healthcare, and education, but can afford it.

    Statewide single-payer healthcare because healthcare is a human right

    Progressive re-structuring of tax codes to make billionaires pay their fair share

    Free quality childcare and public education from preschool through college

    Keep public funds in public schools rather than diverting resources to exclusionary charter schools

    $20 an hour minimum wage, expand worker protections, and promote unionization

    ✔ Expand public banks to promote economic empowerment for Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color

    An Inclusive Value Ledger to compensate traditionally un- and under-paid labor

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