A New Leader in Sacramento

A New Deal for California


Why I'm Running

I’m running to represent District 11 in the California State Senate because our district is ground zero for inequality. We have the resources and courage to do better.

157 billionaires have first, second, and third houses in California, yet a quarter of the nation’s unhoused population sleep on our streets every night. We spend $81,000 to incarcerate one person for one year while public school classes are under-resourced and teachers take second and third jobs to make ends meet. Wildfires have ravaged our state as a result of climate inaction and corporate negligence. In 2020, all of that changes because we are choosing optimism.

I am not accepting contributions from luxury real estate developers, fossil fuel corporations, or police unions because I’m accountable to everyday people. As a community organizer, educator, and service worker, I am running for renters, teachers, minimum wage workers, students, incarcerated people, undocumented people, nurses, and children that will inherit our climate some day.

Join me in 2020 to take our district, and our country, back from corporations.

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